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You’ve Got to Lead to the Desired Result

Craig Groeschel gives us some great advice to put into practice in our church leadership this next week.  Craig says: “As a leader, train yourself to never gripe about what you allow. Never complain about something you tolerate. You are the leader. Lead to the desired result.”
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Church Staff Health, Leadership

Don’t Work 60 Hours a Week at the Church

Shorter hours does not mean less productivity. Often, it means more. — Carey Nieuwhof
carey nieuwhof, productivity, work week
Church Staff Health, Leadership

Four Enemies of Vitality for Church Leaders

Dan Rockwell says that some beasts lurk in shadows. You don’t see them coming unless you’ve learned to smell their stench or feel their presence. But your most deadly enemies smile and bleed you slowly. They walk in the open and nod when you pass.  Your enemy wants your worst, even if he’s smiling.
dan reiland, leadership, relationship, staff, vitality
Church Staff Health, Leadership

Ed Stetzer on Cows and Cymbals

“We can tell our people to show and share the love of Jesus until the cows come home, pointing to the life of Jesus and others around us as examples, but until we live it, we are but clanging cymbals.” — Ed Stetzer
cows, cymbals, ed stetzer, leadership, love

Tim Keller on the Future of Evangelicalism

Tim Keller says the word 'evangelical' made become obsolete, but the philosophy and theology will remain. In a recent article featured in The New Yorker, Keller writes, "The [evangelical] movement may abandon or at least demote, the prominence of the name, yet be more committed to its theology and historic impulses than ever.
evangelical, leadership, new york city, pew research, tim keller

Effort vs. Outcome. The Importance of Today’s Decisions

When I do my planning, I always plan for the 'man, that was harder than I thought it would be' scenario. Maybe you're like me -- very little comes easily. Things usually take a little more time, a lot more money, and an exponential amount of effort than I had initially hoped for. 
decisions, desires, effort, goals, leadership, plans

That Five Second Decision to Eat Taco #5

We’re all five seconds away from a decision that could change our lives. I just finished reading a book called “The Five Second Rule”, and it talks about the reality that we are all just five seconds away from a decision that could drastically change our lives, sometimes forever.
decision making, leadership, Life
Job Seeker Search Strategies, Leadership

We’ve Got to Stop the Bad Hires

We’ve got to stop the bad hires. It’s killing churches and staff people.The goal HAS to be healthy transitions and better, longer-term fits. Churches need to filter candidates better; and candidates need to vet and do due diligence on the churches they’re considering working for.It’s that simple.Of course, it’s not that simple.The average church staff member stays on staff for about three and a half years.  And according to some internal research I conducted last year, 59% of those that responded said that their last staff transition was ‘unhealthy’.  That’sSEE DETAILS
Fit, Hiring, Manifesto
Church Staff Hiring, Church Staff Search

How to Evaluate Pastoral Candidates

When your staff search begins, you’ll have piles of resumes, doctrine statements, and cover letters to sort through. Some churches also pile on their own written surveys and questionnaires in the hope of uncovering more information about applicants. However, at Chemistry Staffing we believe there are much better ways to evaluate a pastoral candidate. Here are a few broad insights into our thorough candidate evaluation process.
Cover Letters, Evaluations, Resumes
Church Staff Firing, Church Staff Hiring

Effective New Staff Onboarding Tips

Churches seeking pastors may be relieved to have the interview process completed with a confirmed candidate. We know the feeling! However, there remains one essential next step: onboarding a new church staff member or pastor effectively.
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Church Staff Hiring

Best Interview Questions

OK, maybe we’re overselling this list a little bit, but we talk to a lot of churches, read the blogs of hiring consultants, and network with church leaders experienced in the hiring process for church staff and pastors. We’ve heard good questions, mediocre questions, and some really vague, unhelpful questions. We’ve adapted questions from others, developed our own from scratch, and tested these questions through our years of interviewing candidates.
Hiring, Job Interviews, Questions
Church Staff Hiring, Church Staff Search

How Many Paid Staff Do We Need?

How does a church determine the ideal number of paid staff? Here are a few guidelines we offer to our clients as they consider a lead pastor search or a church staff search...
Hiring, Staff Size
Church Staff Health, Church Staff Hiring, Church Staff Search

5 Ways to Attract Qualified Pastoral Candidates

Churches that need a pastor want to find highly qualified candidates as fast as possible. Having gone through this process hundreds of times with churches, we’ve found that the job description itself and the publicity of the position can go a long way to attracting the right pastors for an open ministry position.
Advertising, Hiring, Job Descriptions
Church Staff Hiring, Church Staff Search
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