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Here are just a few of the resources that we’ve developed for you and your church staff team,,,

Resume Screening playbook: A guidebook for reviewing candidate resumes

It’s important for church leaders to pursue the right fit for the right position, which helps determine a long-term, healthy fit. It all starts with properly assessing the applicant’s resume. That’s why we have created Chemistry Staffing’s Resume Screening Playbook. This playbook will walk you through a screening process that will help you discover which candidates to focus on and who will not be the right fit. We’ll share our search philosophy and give you the tools you will need to make the screening process more consistent, with clear goals.

interview playbook: A guidebook for successfully interviewing candidate

Interview. The word alone is enough to send shivers down one’s spine. Whether you are interviewing or being interviewed, this step of the hiring process can be intimidating for even the most experienced participant. That’s why we have created Chemistry Staffing’s Interview Playbook. This playbook is designed to help guide you through the process of conducting candidate interviews as you seek to fill your ministry opening. We have also included sample interview questions, a worksheet to organize your thoughts and reactions, a tool that will help you come to a consensus on the candidate(s) that you move forward, and some best practices for your team to consider as you map out your interview process.

restructuring playbook: A guidebook for restructuring your church staff

The world is changing at a lightning pace these days and it can be hard to keep up, especially in the church. Church leaders know that leading change can be treacherous in the church world and that the hardest part is often knowing where to start. That’s why we have created Chemistry Staffing’s Restructuring Playbook. This playbook will give you the tools you need to analyze your current ministry, determine what works and what doesn’t, and develop a plan to shift your current ministry programming, budget, and staffing to a more effective structure for the season ahead. 

Onboarding Playbook: A Guidebook for New Employee Onboarding in Churches

The truth is, you can have the best search process on Earth, but if you fail to onboard your new staff member well, the chances of this becoming a long-term, healthy fit decline significantly from day one. One of the most forgotten portions of the search process is the onboarding plan. As you develop your search plan, take the time to intentionally develop an onboarding plan to be implemented after your candidate accepts the position. Being intentional to help walk through one of the most stressful times in someone’s life will build a solid foundation that will pay huge benefits in the season to come.

Staff transition playbook: a guidebook for healthy transition in churches

The way that you respond to times of staff transition directly impacts the season ahead. Our Staff Transition Playbook will walk you through the three biggest challenges you’ll encounter when a staff person exits your team, giving you step-by-step instructions on how to ensure your current staff member exits well and your next staff member is set up for success. We’ll help you identify blind spots in leadership, gaps in your ministry, and issues that need to be addressed in your day-to-day operations… all of which are key to a healthy transition. Our free PDF will help you navigate your transition successfully.

before you go: questions every pastor must ask before moving to a new church

Everyone wants to leave well.  But how?  It starts with asking the right questions.  In his short book, “Before You Go”, Wade Hodges helps you answer the questions that everyone should be asking themselves before they leave and move on to a new church.  Enjoy this free download from Chemistry Staffing!

when to leave: how to know when it's time to move on (before you stay way too long)

Should I stay or should I go?” We get asked this question all the time.  Determining when to leave your current ministry role can sometimes be very complicated.  In his short book “When to Leave”, Wade Hodges helps you decipher exactly when it’s time to move on (before you stay way too long).  Enjoy this free download from Chemistry Staffing

The 2024 youth pastor compensation Report

2023 was an interesting year in the world of compensation for youth pastors. As you’ll discover below, the national average continued its slow climb, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. A peek underneath the hood of the numbers reveals some…how should we say this?…not-so-good realities. We also chose to revisit the denominational impact on compensation this year since it has been several years since we did this. Which denominations are the most generous? Which pays the least? How do our non-denominational brothers and sisters stack up? Is there such a thing as a ‘typical’ youth pastor? All this, and more from 2023’s data…in the 2024 Youth Pastor Compensation Report!


Ever wonder why some churches continue to grow and multiply rapidly over long periods of time and others don’t? While there are many factors, one of the most critical elements to planting more churches, starting more campuses, or deploying more people to impact a city is how diligent and effective a church is in leadership development.

20 things you should know about your candidates before you interview them

Our free “20 Things” download is a list of twenty things you should know about a candidate before you pick up the phone or schedule an interview. These are just a sampling of the 100 data points that make up our precision matching system, and they are a great place for your search to start.

Philosophy of of Ministry: a candidate playbook

Of all the things you would think Seminary would prepare you for, a Philosophy of Ministry should be at the top of the list. We know that not all of our candidates have been to seminary, and that’s okay! But if you’re looking for a church to hire you in vocational ministry, you’ll need a Philosophy of Ministry nonetheless. This playbook is to equip you, whether you are looking for a job or not, to spend some time creating a Philosophy of Ministry that is unique to you, faithful to Scripture, and actionable in ministry. This will not only make you more hirable, but it will also make you more effective, and it will bring greater clarity to your calling.

crafting a winning story: a candidate playbook

Do you know how to tell a winning story? Do you know how to frame your past experiences to create new ministry opportunities? It’s not so much about your “personal brand” as it is about getting you on staff at a church where you can serve effectively and passionately for as long as God allows. This resource will give you insights and exercises to help you create and tell YOUR story.