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  • The national average salary for full-time youth pastors in 2023
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  • The persistent gender wage gap and how it shifted this year
  • How church budget size and attendance correlate to higher salaries
  • Why annual reviews are crucial for increasing your compensation
  • The average tenure of a youth pastor and how long they stay at churches
  • Creative ways church leaders can bless their youth pastors beyond just pay

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About this year's report...

We’ve been at this for seven years, and the Youth Pastor Compensation Survey has now passed 10,000-person lifetime responses! The survey is brought to you by Chemistry Staffing in association with The Youth Cartel and Dan Navarra is the lead researcher and author of this report and serves Chemistry Staffing as a Church Coach, where he helps churches find healthy long-term fits for key roles. Dan also has over fifteen years of youth ministry experience. Special thanks are well deserved for the general editing done, as always, by Mark Oestreicher of The Youth Cartel. The heart of this team remains the empowerment of youth workers to understand their compensation best and equip them to have conversations about their careers and compensation with their churches, ultimately leading to long-term health for the youth workers and the ministries they lead. We care about youth workers!

2023 was an interesting year in the world of compensation for youth pastors. As you’ll discover below, the national average continued its slow climb, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. A peek underneath the hood of the numbers reveals some…how should we say this?…not-so-good realities. We also chose to revisit the denominational impact on compensation this year since it has been several years since we did this. Which denominations are the most generous? Which pays the least? How do our non-denominational brothers and sisters stack up? Is there such a thing as a ‘typical’ youth pastor? All this, and more from 2023’s data…in the 2024 Youth Pastor Compensation Report!

Dan Navarra

Dan Navarra
Lead Researcher/Author