Final fit assessment

(third-party confirmation before you hire)

You think you have the right candidate. But what might you missing? Our final fit assessment gives you assurance your final hiring decision is a great one for your church.

Adding this final step could mean the difference between a great hire and a bad one (that you'll regret for a long time)

No one knows who to hire better for your church than you do. But that doesn’t mean that an outside set of eyes and ears cannot help you see things that you may have missed. Our Final Fit Assessment is a resource that allows you full confidence that the person you are about to hire is actually a healthy long-term solution for your church staff team. The Final Fit Assessment can be conducted on your final candidate or a short list of the top candidates you are considering. This Final Fit process can usually be completed (with a final report to your team) within two weeks.

step 1: We'll assess your candidate(s) in Four Key Areas

We assess your final candidate(s) in four key areas: theological compatibility, church culture/DNA alignment, personality/team coherence, and skills and abilities match. These assessments match the candidate(s) on over 100 key indicators of health and long-term sustainability.


Does this person believe the same as us on both core and secondary issues?


Will this person be a good fit for our community, church, and culture?


Does this person play well with others?  Are they likeable?


Does this person have the talents and abilities we need to do a good job?

step 2: We'll conduct three short interviews with your candidate(s)

After completing the initial assessments, we complete a series of three short online video interviews with our ministry veterans. These interviews help us identify missing pieces of information that are vital to a healthy church staff member. We know the right questions to ask to identify potential risk factors.  Each of these interviews will be conducted by a seasoned professional from our Chemistry team with years of ministry experience.

step 3: We'll reach out to up to five references provided by your candidate(s)

We reach out to up to five references provided by the candidate. You’ll receive a written report from each reference that includes honest feedback in written form that will allow additional areas of possible concern to surface.

step 4: We'll get the compensation conversation rolling (if you haven't already)

If you have not discussed salary requirements with your candidate(s), we will determine initial salary needs of each candidate and make sure that there is alignment with what you are able to pay for this position. We will also give guidance on whether or not your compensation package is reasonable.

step 5: We'll conduct a preliminary background check

Our preliminary background check will confirm educational degrees and check to be sure that there is no criminal history. (This does not replace the full background check you should run prior to your final hire, but it may surface any initial issues with past conduct or character).

step 6: We'll Identify any potential red and yellow flags

Based on the candidate assessment(s), interviews, and references, we will identify any red or yellow flags. Identifying these areas of concern allow you to drill down with your candidate(s) and discuss potential areas of misalignment before the hire is made. This is a critical step to avoid a bad hiring decision.

step 7: we'll provide our final recommendation in a written and verbal report for your team

We will provide you with our full findings from the assessments, interviews, reference confirmation, compensation alignment, and red and yellow flag identification in an individualized report. This narrative report gives you our honest assessment of candidate compatibility and long-term potential. This can normally be done within 2 weeks of the initiation of this analysis to avoid unnecessary delays in your potential hire.

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