We help you find the church staff member
you've been looking for.

Finding candidates for your church is easy. Finding GREAT candidates for your church can be HARD.
The good news is that you don’t need to go it alone.

We Help Churches Find Great Staff

Finding candidates for your church is easy.
Finding GREAT candidates for your church can be HARD.

Staff Transitioning

Needing to reduce staff during this season? We can help you care and love your outgoing staff with transitional coaching.

Staff Restructuring

Need to restructure or redeploy your staff during this season? We can help you think through any needed changes.

Staff Hiring

Churches are now hiring for different skill sets and abilities.  We can walk you through what you should be looking for.

Attract the right candidates

You know the drill. Not every candidate that applies for your opening will be a good fit. Most won't even be close. We pre-screen every candidate that applies to your opening and match them to your church's unique theology and culture. We assess their skills and personality. Then we present you with only candidates that are a good fit for your specific church.

Screen for a healthy
long-term fit

Most church staff members stay about three years. Yet according to recent studies, the most fruitful period of ministry starts around year five. Long-term ministry creates long-term impact. We work to ensure that the candidates we provide have the ability to serve at your church five years or more so that they can make a lasting impact.

Finish on-time
and under budget

Many churches don't consider outside expertise during their search process because of the added expense. Our unique model enables you to tap into our hiring and ministry expertise at a reasonable and justifiable price. Whether you are a church of 100 or 10,000, we can be a wise stewardship investment in the future of your church.

Here are just a few of the great churches we've worked with...

What is the Chemistry experience like?

Reno Christian Fellowship experienced an incredible interaction with Chemistry Staffing in the recent hire of our new Student Ministries Pastor. The process was quick, but deep; thorough, yet not exhausting; professional, but not budget-busting. We were thrilled with both Chemistry and the final candidate we hired. We found a great “chemistry” fit in both. I could not more highly recommend them to you and your ministry!
Brent Brooks
Senior Pastor, Reno Christian Fellowship
When I contracted with Chemistry Staffing, I thought I was simply hiring the experts to accomplish what I didn't have the time or skills to do on my own. Yet, every time I talked to Matt Steen I was talking to someone who personally cared about my ministry and left me encouraged. They took the time to get to know me and my staff culture, which led to a far better hire than I could have done alone.
Rick Henderson
Campus Pastor, South Mountain Community Church
Our experience with Chemistry Staffing was a great one! Communication was clear and they were accessible throughout the Search process. Through Chemistry Staffing, the Lord provided a person who is not only a great fit, but reaches beyond his job description to help the church family in other ways. We thank God for using Chemistry to bring us together.
Dave Schneider
Senior Pastor, Conroe Bible Church
Our experience with Chemistry Staffing was excellent. Previous to working with Chemistry Staffing we worked with another of the major national pastor search firms. Our experiences could not have been more different. Chemistry Staffing services were a fraction of the cost, and their service and quality of candidates were a whole lot higher!
Damon Carson
Search Committee Chair, Calvary Church

The Five Essentials of a Healthy Long-Term Church Staff Fit...

Finding the right fit for your church’s staff can be complicated.  At Chemistry, we assess each candidate on five key areas. Finding a candidate that matches you in all five areas is the true key to finding a healthy long-term fit for your staff opening.


Does this person believe the way we believe on both core and secondary issues?


Does this person fit our community, church, and culture?


Does this person play well with others?  Are they likeable?


Does this person have the talents and abilities we need to do a good job?


Is this a person that will fit on our team? Do we want to do life AND ministry together?

Let's start the conversation...

Are you getting ready to start the search process at your church? Or maybe you’re in the midst of a search that needs a little extra help? Let’s talk. We’d love to hear your story and see if there’s a way that we can help find your next long-term ministry staff member.