Your Church Staff will likely look different a year from now

The “Great Resignation” has the potential to significantly change how we do ministry in the coming months and years.

If you lead a church (or are part of a church staff), the information we are about to share is absolutely vital to the health and vibrancy of your church. It affects you and your family. It will deeply impact not only the way your church will be staffed in the future, but what the constituency of your congregation will look like moving forward.

You’ll learn the specific ways we are experiencing that we think is a never-before-seen shake-up in the way you may staff your church in the future.

How The great resignation is affecting churches

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of pastors said 2020 was the hardest year of their ministry they have ever experienced

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of church staff are considering changing jobs in the next 12 months

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of church staff have seriously considered leaving ministry since COVID

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of churches are reporting increased resignations from their church staff during 2021

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Here are Five Staffing trends that will likely affect your church

Chemistry Staffing Co-Founder Todd Rhoades talks about the five staffing trends he’s seeing that will affect the way you hire and care for your church staff in the future.

But what's next at my church?

You will most likely see some of the effects of The Great Resignation in your church in the coming months. Your priority must be maintaining a healthy staff culture (to minimize transitions) and planning for what’s next (potential future staff hires).

For your church, this may be the season to re-think and re-structure your team for the future.  It could mean developing a plan to retain your best staff members, or developing a process for determining what your church really needs in your next staff person. 

You don’t have to do this alone.  In fact, you shouldn’t. Our team knows and loves the Church.  And though we’ve probably never met, we love YOUR church. 

We’re great listeners. And nothing surprises or shocks us. In fact, we’d love to hear your story. What are the biggest struggles you’re facing with your staff? Chances are, we’ll be able to offer some unique insight and some potential solutions.

Pick our brain. Ask us anything about The Great Resignation or about anything you’re trying to figure out with your staff.

Want to talk about how The Great Resignation could affect your church?

We’d love to talk with you about how The Great Resignation could affect your church. Let’s grab thirty minutes over coffee (our treat) to hop on a video call.  Tell us your church’s story. We’ll share what we’re learning. We’d like to help however we can, even if it’s just by offering a listening ear!