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The hardest part of leading change is knowing where to start.

The world is changing at a lightning pace these days and it can be hard to keep up, especially in the church. Church leaders know that leading change can be treacherous in the church world and that the hardest part is often knowing where to start. That’s why we have created Chemistry Staffing’s Restructuring Playbook. This playbook will give you the tools you need to analyze your current ministry, determine what works and what doesn’t, and develop a plan to shift your current ministry programming, budget, and staffing to a more effective structure for the season ahead. 

Developing Your Church's Online Strategy

The global pandemic forced churches to implement a decade’s worth of innovation in six month’s time. In this playbook we take what churches have learned about online ministry and create a helpful tool that will allow you to determine your strategy for online ministry, figure out who needs to be on your team, and give you the job descriptions needed to execute on your strategy.

Sometimes we just need to talk it out...

Leading change, adjusting budgets, rethinking programming, and reallocating staff is hard, lonely work. Sometimes we just need someone to talk through it all. We’d love to join you on this journey and hear your struggles and work out solutions that make sense for your church… not recycled ideas from a megachurch across the country. 

Let’s find some time to talk about your church. Schedule time for a free, no-obligation strategy call.