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how to find a healthy, long-term senior pastor role at a church

theological alignment

Does the prospective church line up with you on primary theological issues? Are there any areas that they are especially passionate about that you aren't?

church culture alignment

Does the church align with the way you prefer to do church? Do their preaching style and worship preferences match up with what you like? Could you see you and your family living in this community?

personality alignment

Is the church looking for a person just like you? Be sure to ask (and listen) to what the church tells you they are looking for in their next Senior Pastor.

skills & experience alignment

Do you have the skills and abilities needed to do what the church needs or will you likely be in over your head? An honest assessment upfront will save you tons of time and disappointment.

chemistry alignment

Do you like the people you would be working with? Are you excited about the prospect of doing ministry (and LIFE) with this group of people?

As you search for your next Senior Pastor role, be sure that both you and the church are in alignment in these five key areas.  If you miss on any of these five areas, your chances of a long-term healthy fit diminish significantly.  We’ll assess you and each church we’re working with to see where you may be a great fit!

frequently asked questions about senior pastor searches

That depends!  (How’s that for a consultant’s answer?)

Some of the pace depends on you (how aggressively you are searching for your new role.  Some depends on the church’s structure and how quickly they are wanting to fill a position.

A ‘normal’ search can take 90-120 days on average. (plus add on a bit of time for actual relocation) . Some searches, of course, go much longer or are wrapped up more quickly.

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Chemistry Staffing is a church staff search firm that works with churches to help them find long-term healthy fits for their staff.

We are currently working with about 25 churches across the United States to help them find Senior Pastors, Executive Pastors, and Worship, Discipleship, Youth, and Children’s Pastors.

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Chemistry is currently working with over 60 churches to help them find their healthy, long-term staff members.

That makes Chemistry much smaller than some search firms, but larger than others.  We’re small enough to take individual care with each candidate that is part of our process; and large enough to gain the trust and respect of some great churches (some large, some small) that have entrusted us with their search process.

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It costs nothing to submit your profile and resume to us for consideration.

We are hired by churches to help them find great candidates like you.  That means the churches pay all of our expenses for the search, allowing us to work with you ‘for free’!

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After you apply, you’ll receive an email from us telling you about our process and our next steps.

We’ll send you a couple of assessments to fill out that will help us get to know you better.  Your answers will also give us an idea of what kind of church where you’d be a great fit. 

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We’d love to hear from you and answer any questions about our process (or about Senior Pastor searches in general).  

You can send us your question here.

We never post your resume or your information publicly. And we promise not to spam or sell your email address. You’re safe with us.

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