Introducing Your Church's Personal Search Coach

Chemistry Staffing introduces a groundbreaking way to ensure your church’s search for new staff is not just a journey, but a successful expedition to finding your perfect ministry match. With our professional Search Coach service, you gain not just an ally, but a seasoned navigator in the realm of church staff searches.

Why Should You Utilize a Search Coach?

  • Expertise at Your Fingertips: We eat, sleep, and breathe church staff searches. It’s our specialty. This means you have access to professional insights and strategies that only come with years of focused experience.

  • Tailored Support, Every Step of the Way: From crafting compelling job descriptions and strategizing where to market your role, to vetting resumes and mastering interview techniques, your Search Coach is there to tailor your journey to success.

  • Beyond the Basics: Determining the right salary package, benefits, and even managing on-site visits can be daunting. Your coach makes these steps clear and manageable, ensuring you’re confident in every decision.

  • Flexibility Meets Convenience: Available for Zoom calls, phone conversations, and even text messaging, your coach fits into your schedule. Whether it’s joining search committee meetings or offering guidance to your board, we’re there when you need us.

  • Increase in Success Likelihood: With professional guidance, your church’s likelihood of not just finding a candidate, but the right candidate, significantly increases.

Your Journey, Simplified

For just $400 per month, you unlock:

  • Up to three hours of dedicated coaching each month via zoom, phone, email, or text. (Additional hours are pro-rated and invoiced if needed).

  • The flexibility to cancel at any time, ensuring this service meets your needs without long-term commitment worries or budget concerns.