staff restructuring

(reevaluating the current structure of your ministry)

The only constant in life is change, yet so often we struggle with knowing where to start.

If you don’t like change, you’re going to like irrelevance even less.

At Chemistry, we get to spend our days walking alongside church leaders as they navigate one of the most treacherous journeys that they can undertake: finding the right people for their team. As part of this we have conversations about succession, releasing staff, and restructuring a staff team.

If you are like us, you have noticed that things seem to have sped up over the last few years. Our changing cultural reality has forced us to create new and different types of programs, the emergence of virtual church has required us to rethink our weekly rhythms, and radical disruptions to the status quo has made innovating on the fly our new normal.

As many churches adapt to new ministry models, they find themselves needing to reevaluate the current structure of their ministry with regard to their facilities, finances, and staffing. While change never comes easy in the church, facility shifts and budget adjustments pale in comparison to the pain associated with restructuring your staff team.


What's right?

The key to this question is that it is not asking “what is perfect,” but “what is right?” These are the areas that are working and are worth improving upon in the days to come.

What's wrong?

These are the areas that are not currently effective and need to be changed. This is a question that can be difficult to answer due to emotional investment, identity, or years of effort. The key to making this exercise work is being committed to truth-telling for the good of the Kingdom work that you are called to.

What's confusing?

What are the areas of your ministry that are unclear? List out a series of questions that will bring clarity to how your church is currently doing ministry.

What's missing?

As you survey your ministry landscape, what is missing? What are those things that you are not doing that are needed to more effectively minister in your unique context?

It is tempting to focus on what is wrong, missing, or confused. Resist this temptation and begin with “what is right?”

Let's start the conversation...

We can help you get honest answers to these four questions, and guide you through the proper learnings, prioritization, and programming modifications that your church will need to effectively re-structure your staff.  Let’s grab a ‘virtual coffee’ over a 30-minute Zoom call. You can ask me anything about staff re-structuring options.  Just choose a time from my calendar below…