Staff Transition Doesn't Have to Be Painful

Our staff transition playbook will east the pain of your church's staff changes and transitions.

The way that you respond to times of staff transition directly impacts the season ahead. Our Staff Transition Playbook will walk you through the three biggest challenges you’ll encounter when a staff person exits your team, giving you step-by-step instructions on how to ensure your current staff member exits well and your next staff member is set up for success.

We’ll help you identify blind spots in leadership, gaps in your ministry, and issues that need to be addressed in your day-to-day operations… all of which are key to a healthy transition. Our free PDF will help you navigate your transition successfully.

What's inside?

  • The FIRST thing you should do when you have a staff resignation or termination
  • The THREE biggest challenges you'll face with hiring or replacing a church staff person
  • How to ask the difficult questions that will save your church time, money, and a potential bad hire
  • Eliminate the pain of the transition with a proven plan to transition your current employee and welcome your new staff member

Download the playbook

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