Chemistry Staffing helps churches find healthy staff members

we are excited to partNer with northeast collaborative to empower you to lead and launch healthy churches!

The formula for church staff success:

A Vibrant Church  + A Healthy Staff  = Long-term Fruitful Ministry

A vibrant church

It all starts with a healthy church. We work to find your church’s strengths and weaknesses before we ever try to locate a possible candidate. Every church has a story. We take time to discover yours.

A healthy staff

A vibrant church environment breeds healthy staff members. Our mission to make healthy, long-term connections means that we choose the churches and candidates we work with very carefully.

Fruitful ministry

When healthy churches add new healthy team members, unbelievable things happen. The needle is moved. Lives are changed. And ministry is both effective and fulfilling… This is fruitful ministry.

Let's Talk

Are you getting ready to start the search process at your church? Or maybe you’re in the midst of a search that needs a little extra help?

I’d love to hear your story and see if there’s a way that Chemistry Staffing can help find your next long-term ministry staff member. 


The average church staff member in America stays at their church for about three years. Churches that hire well can increase the longevity and effectiveness of their staff exponentially.

In our work with churches over the years, we have identified five different areas that need to match up in order for your next hire to have ‘long-term, healthy fit’ potential.  Miss on any one of these five, and the chances for longevity of your new staff member goes down significantly.  Misalignment on two or more of these areas are the things that bad hires are made of. 


Does this person believe the same as us on both core and secondary issues? 


Will this person be a good fit for our community, church, and culture?


Does this person play well with others? Are they likeable?


Does this person have the talents and abilities we need to do a good job?


Will this person fit on our team? Do we want to do life and ministry together?

 Chemistry Staffing developed an assessment process that gives us an understanding of who a candidate is. This pre-interview assessment process allows us to gather 125 points of data early on in the process, allowing us to gain crucial insight into whether someone is a potential fit for the churches we work with or not. 

The end result of this process allows us to eliminate 90-95% of the candidates who submit a resume for a position. By the time a candidate completes our assessment process, we have a reasonable idea as to whether they could be a good fit for your church, and whether they should be interviewed for the position.