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Virtual Church
Strategy Lab

This is a new era for your church. You want to reach, engage, grow, and send in ways that fit the times.

The Virtual Strategy Lab will help you jumpstart your strategy. 

Digital engagement is now a central component of church life for congregations of all sizes. And churches that want to thrive in the coming ‘new normal’ will find strategic ways to more deeply integrate digital engagement into all corners of ministry.

Our upcoming Virtual Strategy Lab is focused on helping leaders and teams develop a strategy for digital engagement, growth, and deployment. Whether you are looking for digital strategies to augment your current “in person” ministries, or planning to build a complete, more robust virtual campus, we want to help you accelerate your learning and progress. In the Lab, you’ll work with one of our seasoned ministry leaders to evaluate your current reality, articulate your preferred future, create a strategy for change, and implement next steps.

Get a 6-week jumpstart on a new strategy for your church.


What Are You Solving For? What Is Your Epic Win in this next season?

“A problem well-defined is half-solved.”
- Charles Kettering

The more clearly your team understands the problem you are solving and what a ‘win’ looks like, the better prepared you will be to take meaningful action.


Who Are Your Key Stakeholders? What Are You Learning From Them?

“Everybody wants to be the hero of their story.”
- Lev Grossman

In order to get actionable insights, you need data. Feedback from your key stakeholders, those who are most impacted by and involved in change, will help you make better decisions.


What Is Your Strategy for Change? Where Are The Short-Term Wins?

“Winning brings advantages that make it easier to keep winning.”
- Rosabeth Kanter

A healthy strategy takes advantage of “low-hanging fruit” while also planning for high-effort/high-impact projects.


What Is Your New Scorecard? How Will You Measure Success?

“What matters gets measured.”
- Unknown

Shifts in strategy require new measures of success. Developing a new scorecard for this season and the next will keep you team focused on the right things.


How Do You Incorporate Change Into Culture? What Are You Celebrating?

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”
- Peter Drucker

Leaders need a simple, yet strategic consistent framework for shaping culture that creates an environment conducive to long- lasting, effective change.


What’s Next? How Do You Plan for Change Beyond This Season?

“There is nothing permanent except change.”

Many more changes will come during your tenure as a leader. Learning to be more “agile” will help you and your church adapt quickly to leverage opportunities for greater impact.

ask the right questions

Journey with other leaders asking questions about digital engagement

learn the right strategY

Hear from churches that are thriving in the digital and virtual space

explore new possibilities

Explore new possibilities for engaging your church and community

develop a great plan

Develop an action plan to move forward with your best ideas for your future


Explore your public service re-opening options, how & when

Space is Extremely Limited

Typical cost of this engagement is $750. Due to the financial uncertainties that churches are facing due to COVID 19, this will be tuition optional To get started, watch the video and then choose a time to schedule your Discovery Call with Tim Nations.

Your Lab Facilitator



Tim Nations most recently served as the Director of Facilitation and Leadership Community Director at Leadership Network. Tim has served in full-time ministry in churches across the north Texas area for over 15 years. He brings with him broad experience in communication, organization, planning, and facilitation.