Onboarding Your New Staff Member

When someone accepts your job offer, it is time to celebrate.  But it is not time to unplug.  As a big part of your search comes to a close, another chapter is just beginning for your new staff member.  There are people to tell, houses to sell (and buy), not to mention the stress that a move can place on a family.  We’ll give you some practical (and often missed) ways to support and encourage your new staff member during this transition period, and provide a checklist to make sure their first day (and months) go incredibly well.

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Key Takeaways

Just because you’ve hired someone (and they’ve accepted your offer), doesn’t mean your job is done.  Actually… it is just beginning.  Here are some tips to make sure the transition of your candidate (now an employee and team member!) goes well:

There will be a temptation to breathe a collective sigh of relief when your candidate accepts your offer.

And you should do that.  Celebrate.

But your work is not done yet.  Hardly.

Sometimes things can sour a little between the accepted offer and the first day in the office.

But we'll guide you through some steps in this section that will help the love to grow and blossom during this stage when so much can go wrong.
You have to have a plan.

Their acceptance of your job offer sets a whole series of events in motion for your future staff member.  Suddenly, they need to communicate this new role to their family, friends, and current church family.  They have a house to sell (and another one to buy). They need to make arrangements with a moving company and re-enroll their kids in a new school system.  While you and your team may be feeling some closure to a long and time-consuming search, for your new staff member, their life for the next weeks is filled with new life-changing decisions and a stress-filled list of to-dos that has to be tackled before they ever step foot in the office for their first day at your church.

Constant communication and support are not only appreciated but needed. YOu are adopting them into your church family, so while you are not officially paying them yet, you should be caring for them however possible during this transition period.
Here are some tips:

Make sure they have an office (and that it's clean).

Be sure they have all the tools set up and ready to go (including a computer, email address, database access, etc.)

Be sure to set up a meeting with their direct supervisor.

Schedule a lunch on day one with your entire team. And be sure that your team knows the new person's start date so they can be expecting him/her.

Consider a gift basket with snacks and meaningful gifts from the community. (Maybe a locally made treat, a gift certificate to a local business, or T-shirts for their family from the local school district).

Make all the employment paperwork as painless as possible.

Do whatever you can to INTENTIONALLY create a welcoming environment.
Hopefully this timeline will help you moving forward. Write these things down on your calendar (or most likely, they won't get done!)

30 days - get rooted in. get essentials down. regular check-ins.

60 days - what are you learning? what are you seeing that we don't see

90 days - how are you doing? how is your family adjusting? how can we help?

Additional Resources

We’ve assembled some great supplemental learning tools that will help you in your search for a healthy, long-term fit for your staff team.  All of these exclusive Chemistry Staffing resources are available for free download for you and your search team.

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Questions about how to best make your new candidate feel welcome?  We’re happy to give some advice if needed!

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