After months of data collecting, analysis, creative work, and editing, the fifth installment of The Youth Pastor Compensation Report is here!  Highlights from this year’s report:
  • The “big number” of what youth pastors are making from 2021
  • How inflation is affecting youth pastor compensation, and what you can do about it
  • A whole section devoted to part-time youth pastors
  • We take a look at the average work week for a youth pastor
  • The two biggest factors that affect a youth pastor’s compensation
  • Updated information on how education and tenure affect compensation over time
  • A whole section on benefits, and what percentage of youth pastors get which ones
  • A deep dive into the crisis surrounding maternity and paternity benefits
  • Do youth pastors get comp time after big camps and trips?
  • Gender and denominational wage gaps

About this year's report...

Now in year five, The National Youth Pastor Compensation Survey has had well over 5,000 respondents over its lifetime. The survey is brought to you by Chemistry Staffing, in association with The Youth Cartel and

Dan Navarra is the lead researcher and author of this report and serves Chemistry Staffing as a Church Coach where he helps churches find healthy long-term fits for key roles; Dan also has over fifteen years of pastoral experience. Additionally, a special thanks is well deserved for general editing done, as always, by Mark Oestreicher of The Youth Cartel; and for special input and analysis from Aaron Hill of Christianity Today’s arm. The heart of this team has always been to empower youth workers to best understand their compensation and be equipped to have conversations about their field with their churches, ultimately leading to long-term health for both the youth workers and the ministries they lead. We really care about youth workers!

Dan Navarra