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Better Candidates. Healthier Fit. Fair Pricing.

Every church can hire someone. It's actually pretty easy. What's hard is attracting the right candidates and assessing them alongside what your church really needs. Your goal should always be to find a healthy, long-term fit that meets your church's unique DNA. We'll help you not just make a hire, but find a great fit for your church staff. Here's how we help...


Better Candidates

Most churches receive between 100 - 200 resumes for their open position these days. Most of these applicants are simply not a good fit. The best candidates will match your church's unique DNA, theology and culture. We help you identify the greatest fit for your church. In fact, we match all of your candidates on over 100 data points before you ever start the interview process with them.

Healthier Fit

In order to find a great, healthy, long-term fit for your church, you need to ask lots of questions (LOTS of questions). We are huge fans of personality and leadership assessments, but we think many churches use them too late in the hiring process. Instead, we help you find healthier fits by doing four different assessments (Theology, Culture/DNA, Personality, Skills & Abilities) on the front end of your search. That way, you'll have over 100 data points and question answers from each candidate BEFORE you even interview them!


Fair Pricing

Until now, only larger churches with big budgets could afford to hire outside help with their staff searches. Chemistry Staffing's approach has changed that entirely. In fact, even very small churches can now have access to the expertise and hiring help that were once reserved for megachurches. Our approach can actually save your church time and money by moving the hiring process forward more quickly and efficiently. All of our services and consultation are provided online via live video chat, eliminating expensive travel costs. And the time you save in meetings alone will justify the investment you'll make to use our process.

Let's Chat about Your Search...

We'd love to find out more about your church and what you're looking for. Let's schedule a free 30-minute online video consultation. During our time together, you can tell us more about your church, and we can let you know how we might be able to help. Ask us anything... and we'll try to get you pointed in the right direction!

Our Process
At Chemistry Staffing, our approach takes much of the stress and burden of your staff search off of your shoulders, and still gives you great control and input throughout the process. Our end goal is to find better qualified candidates that will provide long-term leadership for your church. Click any area to find out more about our process.

Church & Candidate Profile

First, We Get to Know You...
First we need to get to know you and your church. We ask a ton of questions… everything from your church’s history, to detailed information on your community and what you’re looking for in your next staff member. The goal of our ‘onboarding’ process is to learn as much about you and your church as is possible. We know what questions to ask and how to ask them to get the best information that will help in your search. In addition, we’ll have you complete our four ‘precion matching’ assessments that will give us key data points we’ll need to find the best fit for you. These include: Theology, Culture/DNA, Personality, and Candidate Skills & Abilities. In the end, we will write a very detailed church and candidate profile that will be shared with prospective candidates and in our marketing efforts for the position. These documents will also serve as a detailed framework during your search process.

Position Marketing

We Spread the Word to Find Great Candidates
Here is where the fun starts. Once we have your church and candidate profile, along with your custom-written job posting, we start to get the word out. We add your position opening to top church, denominational, seminary and Christian job boards. We also promote your opening heavily on social media and to our large list of church leaders.  We also do a deep search in our exclusive church staff database to find potential candidates that might be a great fit that haven’t even entered the job search process yet.   Our goal in the position marketing stage is simple… get your ministry opportunity in front of as many potential prospects as possible! In our next step, we’ll start matching them up to exactly what you’re looking for.

Candidate Identification and Precision Matching

The Power of "Precision Match"...
The initial goal of the position marketing stage is really quantity over quality when it comes to applicants and potential candidates.  We want to cast a wide net to find as many people that are interested in your position as possible. After we have collected a wide variety of resumes and applications, we start our ‘precision matching’ process. Each potential staff member that applies is asked to fill out the same assessments that we asked you when we started this process:  Theology, Culture/DNA, Personality, and Candidate Skills & Abilities. Now the fun begins.  Using our exclusive ‘precision matching’ algorhythm, we take over 100 data points from each application and assessment, and match each criteria against your exact specifications. This process ‘levels the playing field’ with every candidate in our database. It’s like doing an instant first interview with each and every one. We will quickly be able to disqualify candidates based on their theology, personality fit, cultural preferences, their skills and abilities. This process allows us to significantly narrow the field of candidates from a few hundred to what we find are the ‘top ten’ potential candidates.


Now, We Start Drilling Down...
So far, all of this work is behind the scenes. Your involvement in helping us develop your Church & Candidate Profile has helped us build a matrix of information that has helped us market the position effectively, and filter all of the candidates to our top ten ‘potential fits’.   The next step is the pre-interview process.  Chemistry Staffing will conduct pre-interviews via online video conference with top candidates. This is all done behind the scenes with no need for involvement from you. Our goal is to further refine and match these top candidates with your needs.  At the end of this process, Chemistry will identify the top three candidates that we think you should seriously consider. At that time, we will provide you a complete report on each individual candidate sharing their assessments along with areas of compatibility and possibile problem areas.   We will also present you with a brief video introduction produced by each candidate. These reports and online videos can be watched by you and your search team before your next meeting to help speed along the process and discussion.   If, for some reason, you don’t like the choice of candidates that we present to you in round one, we’ll go back to the drawing board… continuing our marketing and candidate identification process until we’re able to bring you an additional slate of candidates for your consideration.  This process will continue until you find your fit.


Now It's Your Turn!
If you like one or more of the three candidate suggestions, we turn the process over to you to do your normal first-round interview (we suggest a free video conference for this step). By the time you get to this first interview, you know a great deal of information about the candidate (and the candidate knows about your church and the position you’re looking for with clarity). This is where all the prayers for Godly wisdom and discernment pay off. Our process sets you up for success. You have all the information in hand to ask the right questions, raise any red flags that may have been indentified during the process, and make a wise, God-honoring decision.   Armed with the right information and the right candidates, you’re in a great place to make a decision that will get the right person in place quickly.   Once you’ve chosen your top candidate, we then help you through the final stages of your search with consultation and advising on things like background checks, personality testing, and compensation planning (see the next steps)

Final Candidate Due Diligence

Before You Hire, Due Diligence is Key...
As you decide to hire a candidate, you may want to facilitate some additional personality or strengths assessment tests. We can help you pick out the most helpful ones for your situation.   You’ll also want to check references provided by the candidate (and maybe a couple that weren’t provided by the candidate!).   And of course, you’ll want to perform a full back-ground check just to be sure there are no criminal records in the candidate’s past, or any financial or sexual impropriety. Don’t worry, this is standard due diligence for any hire, and we’ll walk you through this stage as well.

Compensation and Final Offer Formulation

How Much Should We Pay...

Compensation is important. We firmly believe churches should pay their employees well. Generosity on the part of your church will not only help attract great candidates, but also help you retain them for a longer period of time.  That said, money is just part of the equation for your final offer.   We’ll help you by researching what similar churches to yours are paying for similar positions. And we’ll help you create a total compensation and benefit package that is fair and reasonable.

The Position is Filled!

You've Hired Your Person. But There's More...

At Chemistry Staffing, we’re passionate about making great fits. And we want to do everything we can to make sure that the person you just hired is a healthy fit and a long-term staff member.   As part of our service to you, we offer a six month, one year, and two year follow-up call that will help you stay on the right track with your new employee. The goals of these calls (which are totally at your discretion) is to measure health and long-term fit throughout the term of employment for your new staff member.   We want to rejoice with the successes, and help you work through any kinks. We place a high priority on church health and look forward to our check-up calls with both you and your new staff member.