During Onboarding...

Form that produces the deal and gets things going!

Form that church fills out to tell us all about their church and the position

Form that church fills out if they’ve already done a search with us (to give us the position details only)

Personas can be viewed/edited in Basecamp Church Search Project

Submit a candidate we should “Be On The Lookout” for

Lookup search team members for your search

BOLO (Be on the Lookout)


Your name (as the church coach) should go here!

Be on the lookout for this candidate:

If you have one. 🙂

For this church:

Additional Information or Instructions

Max. file size: 50 MB.
Give us all the details, man! Is this an internal candidate? Does the church want us to put this candidate all the way through our process? Does this candidate have any relationship to the church? Is the church 'keen' on this candidate? (or do they want us to kindly tell them no? Did they give us any idea of what they're already thinking about this candidate? Spare no details. Details are the food we live on in the BOLO world, and your advice is golden.

Onboard Form