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Status Update: Current Matching Opportunities

Chemistry Staffing works with churches all over the country, helping them find great candidates for their current ministry openings. But we can’t care about helping churches find healthy, long-term fits without first and foremost caring about the candidates we are trying to place. At Chemistry Staffing, we care about you. You’re special, you’re unique, and your valuable. And we’re here to help you through the search process however we can. The information on this page will tell you more about Chemistry, the current list of churches that we’re working with, and get you started down the road of finding a great next, best fit.





AL - VESTAVIA HILLS (BIRMINGHAM) -- Executive Pastor / Mountaintop Church

Executive Pastor

Mountaintop Church is looking for an experienced Executive Pastor to join their team. Located just outside of Birmingham, AL, Mountaintop is a church of about 1,300 that is building a community of people who are learning and sharing Jesus’ way of life.

The Birmingham area is consistently ranked high in quality of life, educational systems (National Blue-Ribbon Schools of Excellence) and recreational opportunities.

The role of the Executive Pastor at Mountaintop Church is to provide leadership for the operations that support the mission of the church and to partner with the Senior Pastor to help inspire, develop, engage and encourage staff and members to reach their potential. The Executive Pastor assists the Senior Pastor in overseeing the life and direction of the church.

The ideal candidate will have a minimum of Bachelor’s degree with a focus on business, leadership, or administration and would have experience both in the marketplace and in a church context. The perfect Executive Pastor for Mountaintop would blend the skill sets of a COO and CFO with the heart of a pastor.

In order to successfully oversee the operations of the church and interact with a Board of Directors the Executive Pastor must possess a solid grasp of business management and accounting principles and practices. The Executive Pastor should be proficient in Excel, working with database systems and able to provide direction to an IT strategy. It expected that the Executive Pastor would model a strong work ethic, a humble attitude and the desire to be a life-long learner.

Mountaintop was founded on an attractional model that has evolved into a commitment to live as an “everyday church” each time the church leaves the building. The goal of all leaders at Mountaintop is to “equip the saints for ministry.” However, leaders are expected to “roll up their sleeves” and join the saints in the work of ministry.

The position of Executive Pastor is a full-time (Sunday – Thursday) position. The position is currently filled by a retired Board member who has provided exceptional interim leadership.

FL - VENICE -- Administrative Pastor - First Baptist Church

Administrative Pastor

First Baptist Church (Venice, FL) is looking for our next full-time Administrative Pastor.

Venice is a vibrant and growing community located on Florida’s Gulf Coast. Venice is a vital part of Sarasota County with an “A” rated public school system. In 2018, Venice High School had the Florida State Champion Football Team,
the Florida State Champion Volleyball Team, and the Florida State Champion Baseball Team.

Venice is also known for its beach, its offshore coral reef; and Caspersen Beach, where shark teeth are often found. Multi-use trails hug the Intracoastal Waterway in Venetian Waterway Park. Other green spaces include Centennial Park, with its interactive fountain, and the Monty Andrews Arboretum at West Blalock Park.

FBC was founded in 1934, and we’ve been an integral part of our community ever since. We’ve grown to nearly 700 people in average attendance on weekends and has recently purchased over 21 acres to start our second campus just outside the city. Our Administrative Pastor will oversee all the administrative areas of our church including staff, nance, property, and will play a key role in the planning and launching of our second campus.

If you are excited about reaching people with the gospel through creative
and innovative ways? If you are excited about assisting in developing a second campus? If you would enjoy seeing state-of-the-art technologies streamline the ef ciencies of our of ces, accounting, websites, marketing and administration? And, if you enjoy the freedom of letting the Holy Spirit release your creativity?

MD - FREDERICK -- Worship Pastor / Collective Church

Worship Pastor

Collective Church is a new church that launched in September of 2017 in Frederick, MD. Our vision is to be a “church for the rest of us.” We are looking to hire a Worship and Arts Pastor that will cultivate, produce and execute excellent worship experiences and creative content for Collective.

Here is what we are looking for:

• A devoted follower of Christ that can lead worship, not just play music.

• A person that can ‘invest and invite’ so that people who are far from God can come and see Jesus at Collective.

• Someone that can work with our leaders to identify new worship songs to introduce to the church

• A person that’s passionate about leading and caring for Collective Band and our Production Team

• A collaborative leader that will participate in creative planning meetings and weekly creative review meetings

• A true ‘creative’ that enjoys social media and can manage photographers, videographers, and graphic & website designers.

You’ll need to be proficient in singing and guitar, keys, bass and/or drums. You’ll also need to transpose and chart songs. Also knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premier would be a plus.   

OH - COLUMBUS -- Campus Pastor (South Campus) /Grace Fellowship

Campus Pastor (South Campus)

Grace Fellowship in Columbus, OH is looking for an experienced Campus Pastor for our brand new “South” campus that will be launching in Fall 2019. There will be well over 100,000 people living within a ten-mile radius of this new campus. We’re looking for a recruiter, team builder, and a leader/developer.  You’ll need to be self-motivated, great with people, and growth oriented. Our new campus pastor will love Jesus, be willing to submit to the truth of the Bible, live with integrity, and strive for Jesus-centered living.

We’re looking for a pioneer, and entrepreneur, and a ‘church planting type’ leader. You need to love to build things from the ground up. You’ll need to exude excitement and recruit a team around you to start a new portable campus from the ground up.

Grace Fellowship is currently 3600-3800 in weekend attendance in nine different worship services across 4 campuses. We have 1,700 adults active in small groups and over 1,800 adults volunteering with the church and our local ministry partners. Our teaching is biblically sound and culturally relevant.

We just recently navigated our first large-scale “Vision Campaign” as a church of multiple campuses (called Let’s Go) last Fall. The goal was to raise $5.2m, and we had $7m committed. We had 1,129 family units commit to Let’s Go (which showed huge buy-in). We experienced great times of church-wide prayer, bible study, and small group times around the future of how God can use us to reach people. This ignited an even greater burden for the non-christians in our community as we committed to pray for/reach two people in our lives with the hope of the Gospel.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

-Passion for a local church focused on reaching a local community
-Strong leadership gifting and passion to lead people through various methods
-A Pastoral heart committed to shepherding the people at their campus
-Significant experience recruiting and building teams of people in either a church or corporate setting
-Desires to develop and equip others to do ministry in their gifting instead of always doing ministry themselves
-Excels in collaboration with multiple ministry leaders at various campuses
-Engaging stage presence
-Significant knowledge of the Bible and how to apply it to people’s lives in various settings
-Self-motivated, highly driven, craves feedback, strong relational ability, team builder

Columbus, Ohio, is the 15th largest city in the United States. The region has a population of 2 million and is the second fastest growing metropolitan area in the Midwest. Port Columbus International Airport has 31 destination airports with more than 120 daily flights. Columbus is within 500 miles of 45 percent of our nation’s population.    

Southeast Columbus is very family oriented with excellent schools, sports programs, and friendly people. And of course, we are home to the greatest football team on the planet, The Ohio State Buckeyes.

OH - COLUMBUS -- Lead Pastor / Christian Fellowship Church

Lead Pastor - Christian Fellowship Church

Christian Fellowship Church is looking for our next Lead Pastor. Our long-term Senior Pastor is leaving us soon (good terms and of his own accord). We’re looking for someone that is authentic and personable someone that loves to share the Word, as well as disciple and counsel. Our ideal candidate would be radically sold-out to and passionately in love with Jesus, humble and kind, considerate, culturally relevant, and outreach-focused.
Our small church of 125 has great potential. Our new lead pastor will lead our elders in determining the future direction and impact of our church in our part of Columbus. Besides preaching, our lead pastor will lead, train, and mentor our staff and elder team; plan and oversee the education, growth and development of our church, and be a spiritual mentor and role model for the church body.
Columbus, OH is a great place to live and raise a family. The cost of living is very favorable, and we have excellent school systems. (You also get to enjoy four distinct seasons each and every year!).

VA - BURKE -- Student Ministries Pastor / Burke Community Church

Student Ministries Pastor

Do you want to be part of a church team that is making a massive impact for the Kingdom of God through sound, biblical teaching, and discipleship? Do you have a passion for impacting high school students and their families with the Gospel? If so, this opportunity may be for you! The Next Generation Team is excited to welcome a new High School Pastor as we pursue our mission to partner with parents as they raise their kids to know Christ and make Him known.

Located just outside of Washington DC in Burke, Virginia, our church is a growing, Bible-based, non-denominational church of nearly 2,500 people. We are now poised for even more signi cant growth in the years ahead as we expand our campus with a new Worship Center, of offices, lobby, café, and more (to be completed in 2019.)

God’s work in the Student Ministry has been overwhelmingly evident. Students are connecting with one another in small groups, studying God’s Word for themselves, sharing the Gospel with their friends, and loving others through service and missions. Our dynamic High School Ministry impacts over 200 students each week through our Sunday morning and midweek gatherings. Our next High School Pastor will,  rst and foremost, model a healthy and vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ. He will share the vision of the church and be a team player who values engaging students and partnering with parents. We’re looking for someone with a proven track record in leading a student ministry, someone with a seminary degree, and a person that can be totally committed to the church’s theology and practice.

Frequently Asked Questions...

We want to do the very best we can to communicate with you during your search.  This page will allow you to see all of the current job openings that we are working on as well as the current status of each opening. You can check this page often as it is the definitive place that we update our work. We share regular updates here on each position rather than sending an email notification. Below are some additional questions and answers that we receive from candidates often.

Why do you ask yes/no questions on the assessments?

If we ask on a Likert scale (1 to 10)… all we get is 4s, 5s, and 6s.  Everyone gravitates toward the middle. We ask churches the exact same questions.  Same yes/no. We ask yes/no questions to get gut reactions and it really does work to get a quick, initial synopsis of what kind of church you would be good in.  We’re trying to find an initial 30,000-foot level fit in four areas: theology, ministry philosophy, personality, and skills/abilities. So… as much as you may hate answering yes or no, they really do work for us and may very well help us find you someplace that might be a great future fit.

I'm confused. What jobs am I being considered for?

The great thing about our approach is that once you’ve filled out your profile and the assessments, you are automatically considered for all the open positions and churches that we are currently working with (or will be working with in the future).  This is good news because it means that we will constantly be attempting to match your profile and assessments with an opening and church that would be a great potential match for you. Of course, we attempt to match according to your position category, your denomination, your relocation preference, plus your overall profile, resume and assessment answers.

I applied for a job and have heard NOTHING from you!

Working with a staffing company like Chemistry Staffing is a little different than working with a specific church.  When you add your profile to our system (even if it was for a particular position), we try to match you with not just the individual church you applied to, but also other churches that we may be working with.  While you may be interested in a particular church, it could be that your assessment and profile did not match what the church was looking for. If and when we find a potential match for you, we will reach out to you to have a personal one-on-one initial interview.

But I'm not really looking right now...

We’re constantly signing on new churches and positions. In fact, many of our candidates are actually ‘passively’ searching, meaning they fill out a profile so that we can be watching for potential great fits in the future. That might be next week or next year. We encourage you to keep your profile active in our database. We’ll only contact you when/if we find a church that would be a great potential healthy fit for YOU.

Who do you share my information with?

The short answer is… no one… unless we first ask your permission.  We don’t post your information anywhere. We don’t sell your data. We simply keep it in our internal database until we find what we think might be a good match for you.  And when we do, we first reach out to you to have an actual conversation, talk about the church and position, and gauge your interest BEFORE we ever submit your name or resume to a church.

Why haven't you found me a job yet?

We work with a few churches at a time and we reach out to you when we think we find a church that matches your theology, personality, philosophy of ministry, and skills and abilities based on your assessments, profile and resume.  Sometimes that can take a little time. That’s the power of having your information in our database for the long-term. We don’t guarantee to find anyone a job. Our role is to try to match you up with one of the churches that we’re working with. But we’re just a small piece of the puzzle.  If you are actively searching for a new ministry position, don’t ever put all your eggs in one basket. We’ll be in contact when we find something we think will be a great fit for you. In the meantime, we encourage you to take responsibility for your personal job search. You can always find a great number of positions that are new each day at websites like

You mention that you try to match for long-term fit. What does that look like?

We fully agree with Dr. Thom Rainer when he says that few pastors make it to the ‘fruitful’ years of ministry… around the five-year mark. This happens many times because they were never a good match, to begin with, or because the church and the pastor don’t have a good, healthy ministry plan to work on the same page. Our approach is to strategically work with local church leaders to find a healthy, long-term staff fit that will actually move the dial when it comes to effective local ministry. (That means that we’d like to see you stay at your next church for AT LEAST five years).

Does Chemistry Staffing have any open positions?

We don’t have any full-time positions that are open.  We are always looking for individuals that have their own personal network that they can work with to provide referrals.  If that’s something you’d like to discuss, let me know and I can get you some additional information on that.

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