“It’s difficult to improve our preaching while pastoring… I’m making it easier.”

Most pastors wish their preaching was better but don’t know how to develop while on the job, I provide robust personalized coaching so they can dramatically improve while still fulfilling their responsibilities.

Each week we find ourselves scrambling to the pulpit with the best we have to offer. Thirty minutes later we walk out of the pulpit wishing we were better.

Athletes have coaches to help them reach their peak performance. Sadly, most preachers don’t do this. We rarely take the time and invest the energy to go back and sharpen our skills in preaching. So over time we get rusty and give up on ever really developing as preachers. 

But preaching is crucially important. Through the teaching of Scripture our churches are anchored in God’s truth, encouraged in his grace, and reminded of his love. This is important! Paul encouraged Timothy to “fan into flame the gift you receive when I laid hands on you…(2 Tim. 1:6)” when discussing his protege’s teaching gift.  If we want our preaching to reach deep into the hearts of people, we’ve got to be improving and getting better. We know this, but we simply don’t have the time to do it.

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Bruce Miller, Lead Pastor
Christ Fellowship
McKinney, TX
With 25 years of preaching under my belt, I was astounded at the help Pete Briscoe gave me! Pete provided a 3-page critique that encouraged me, challenged me and inspired me. He spent an hour and a half with me on a video-call talking through how I can improve. It was invaluable. His comments ranged from the practical to the theological, from overall structure to illustrations, from emotions to vision-casting. I could not endorse Pete highly enough. Whether you are just starting to preach or have been doing it for decades, Pete can help you improve.
Steve Pruitt, Senior Pastor
Riverside Church
Fort Myers, FL
Pete gave me opportunities to teach and followed up with insightful reviews and practical coaching. He helped me to apply Biblical knowledge to actual people, and helped me move from distracting humor to heartfelt connection. His encouragement and support prepared me to be a senior pastor. Pete is one of the best preachers I have ever known and I treasure the time we spent together.
Zach Lambert, Lead Pastor
Restore Austin
Austin, TX
Pete is not only an exceptional preacher, he’s an exceptional coach of preachers. I’ll never forget the coaching session when Pete sat me down and said, “If you’ll work really hard and trust the leading of Jesus, you have the chance to be an excellent communicator.” That was toward the beginning of our two-year coaching relationship and I can’t put a metric high enough to truly reflect how much I grew in skill and confidence during that time. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been preaching or at what level, Pete can help you take the next step in your communication. I highly recommend him.
Timm Sautter, Senior Pastor
Freie Evangelische Gemeinde
Herzogenaurach, Germany
For one year, I had the opportunity to have my sermons reviewed by Pete Briscoe. This proved to be one of the most personally and professionally enriching experiences of my life. Pete helped me find my voice, think through every part of my sermon carefully, tell moving stories, refine my message and ideas, and he did it all covered in love and encouragement. I have read countless preaching books in my life, but having Pete’s mentoring gave me more than any preaching book could offer. Years later, I’m still profiting from his insight, and I continue to grow as I learn to apply the lessons he taught me.
Juann Hummel, Lead Teaching Pastor
Bent Tree Bible Church
Carrollton, TX
I served on Pete Briscoe’s staff team for 26 years. During that time, Pete recognized and affirmed my preaching gift. But he didn’t stop there. Pete offered me and several others a chance to flourish under his preaching “wing”—mentoring, offering suggestions, and giving honest critique. What I learned from Pete has proven invaluable in pastoral ministry. As a woman, opportunities are rare to receive mentoring from a preacher of Pete Briscoe’s caliber. I encourage you to consider Pete as your personalized preaching coach. You will not be disappointed!
Anthony Pratt
Lead Pastor
Riverview Community Church
As a new pastor just getting started, it was great to be under the wing and mentoring of a grizzled veteran who’s been at it for years. The practical insights and boundless honestly was just what I needed for growth and development during a critical point in ministry. I’m thankful for an intense year or partnership that has unquestionably improved my confidence and dependence on the Spirit to do His work through my teaching. If you want to improve your preaching technique and connection to the text through honest and helpful feedback, Pete can certainly help.
Jason White, Lead Pastor
Manchaca Baptist Church
Manchaca, TX
Without a doubt, Pete Briscoe has made a greater impact on my preaching than any book I’ve read or course that I’ve taken. Pete gave me 1-1 attention and reviewed several of my messages from beginning to end, pointing out several ways that I could make my messages more effective. He is such a gifted communicator himself and has so much experience to draw on, but it was his genuine love, care, and concern that left a lasting impact on me. I am forever grateful for my time with Pete and how he encouraged and inspired me to grow in my preaching and pastoral leadership.
Mark Saunders, Lead Pastor
Bay Life Church
Brandon, FL
Pete Briscoe taught me how to preach. As a member of his staff 20 years ago, I had the privilege of listening to and learning from one of the more gifted communicators of God’s word to ever put on a lapel mic. His pre-sermon pointers and post-sermon evaluations were fair, full of insight and invaluable in developing my voice in the pulpit today. Even now, after 16 years of leading and preaching in my own context, I still write every sermon using the knowledge and tips I gleaned from Pete. If you’re looking to hone your skills and take your preaching to another level, Pete’s your guy. You should call him right now.
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Most pastors wish their preaching was better but don’t know how to develop while on the job.

I provide robust personalized coaching so they can dramatically improve while still fulfilling their responsibilities.

The nuts and bolts of my coaching practice is what I call The Film Room. 

Imagine a football coach sitting down, one-on-one with his defensive end on a Saturday morning after the game the night before. They put on the game film and the coach points out the things the player does well, and yes, the areas where improvement is necessary. 

There is nothing, as a preacher, like seeing yourself on film to get an honest assessment. Having a coach next to you increases the learning dramatically. My video sermon reviews include an in-depth critique of a sermon, honest evaluation of strengths and weaknesses, a written summary including areas for improvement and a 1 1/2 hour video review session.

I have been training preachers in the Film Room for years. 

It is personalized and robust (I don’t mess around).

After entering the process, people become better preachers. 

Imagine less stress on Saturday evenings, more people actively engaged in your messages, life transformation taking root in your people, and the joy of seeing your gifting expand. 

I would love to sit next to you in the Film Room.

About Pete Briscoe

Most coaches are former players.  I am too.  After preaching about 4000 times, I have experienced the ups and downs of juggling sermon preparation with pastoral responsibilities while serving as the senior pastor of Bent Tree Bible Fellowship in Carrollton, TX. for almost 30 years. During our time at Bent Tree, the church grew from 200 people to over 5000. I’ve also preached through Telling the Truth media ministry reaching over 1.2 million people every week. I’m a passionate student of preaching and love to develop preachers of all levels and experience. After a rich time of ministry at Bent Tree the Lord made it obvious to me and my wife Libby that it was time to make a bold move and step into a new season. For the most part I have stepped off the field and into the Film Room. I authentically love pastors, love the church, love preaching and I want to help.

Improve Your Preaching Coaching options

One-Time Film Room Session

This will allow me to introduce you to the process and provide at least 3 simple ways to dramatically improve your preaching. Starting at $300.

Live + Virtual Coaching

Includes an on-site visit with dialog around preaching style and assessing areas of need, two pragmatic training sessions, a confidential self-care conversation, an explanation of the coaching process, and at least 2 Film Room sessions. Then in the subsequent months, additional virtual Film Room Sessions.