Discipling in a Digital Age


A Four Week Online Lab Experience with Reggie McNeal

Discipling in a Digital Age

A Four-Week Online Lab Experience with Reggie McNeal

The unlearning curve is often steeper than the learning curve.

What if Jesus-followers became infected with and spread a virulent case of kingdom-itis, where everyday life had as its purpose and goal to promote life as God intends? Imagine what could happen if this contagion touched neighbors, coworkers, friends, schoolmates, family – everyday common connections in commonplace ways. The impact would be staggering, from improving individual lives to moving the needle on big, societal issues.

What if this is what God had in mind all along for his people to be doing? We think it is.

Courtesy of COVID-19 the church has been thrown out into the streets, to the marketplace, to homes, moving out of our church buildings. Could it be that this reality actually provides an opportunity both for our country and the church – for those who see it, for those who are willing to live differently? We think so.
God’s people can and should offer a counter-cultural message of hope and help. For this to happen, we will need to tackle the challenge of creating a church culture that develops and deploys viral kingdom agents. Jesus-followers who make a difference in the world.

The Spirit has already been at work preparing the church for this challenge. The digital age actually sets the stage for a new approach to discipleship that matches the opportunity. Now the church’s job is to catch up to what the Spirit is doing, just as it had to do in the book of Acts. Now, as then, the church has been repositioned to more effectively pursue Jesus’ commission.

Join Reggie McNeal for a four-week online lab experience “Discipling in a Digital Age: Developing People into Jesus-Followers.” Reggie will help you identify and explore new approaches and strategies that will accelerate your discipleship effectiveness. The group is limited to 12 participants.

Your Chemistry Lab Experience

Your Discipling In A Digital Age Lab includes:

4 Live Online
hosted by Reggie McNeal

Offline learning opportunities and exercises to push you forward

A small peer group – limited to 12 participants  – to allow for maximum learning and access

Private Basecamp for ongoing communication
and collaboration

Our Next Lab Starts October 27

Tuition for the four weekly one-hour sessions of “Discipling in a Digital Age” Lab is just $1000. Live sessions begin October 27 and will be held in four weekly sessions each Tuesday at 2pm Eastern. Your registration and payment reserves your spot.  Only 12 participants will be allowed for this first lab.  After the lab is filled, you have the option to be put on a waiting list our next Discipleship lab.

Helping You Move from Knowledge to Action

The Discipling in a Digital Age Lab provides a roadmap for your team to collect and use your data, analytics, and actionable insights to explore strategic frameworks that will lead to your future digital model. The experience is broken down into four phases:


clarity & vision

We'll start with where you're currently at in your discipleship model and leadership: what's working? what's stuck? what's your biggest challenge, and what's your biggest opportunity



You'll learn 9 key moves for changing lives in the digital age we find ourselves in. These pivotal 'discipleshifts' will challenge you to re-think much of what you have been taught and practiced in the area of discipleship.


disciple intersects

There is an art to creating intentional spiritual conversations. We'll build on your discipleshifts to create spiritual dispositions that help jumpstart your discipleship strategy and naturally engage new people.


start stop continue

We're identify key next steps for you as you lead your discipleship efforts. This includes what to start doing, what to stop doing, and what to tweak and continue doing during this next season.

Your Lab Facilitator

Reggie McNeal

Reggie McNeal

Dr. Reggie McNeal enjoys helping people, leaders, and Christian organizations experience epic wins with Kingdom impact. Reggie has helped to shape the church leadership conversation through his extensive speaking schedule and work as an author. His last two books, Kingdom Come (Tyndale, 2016) and Kingdom Collaborators (IVP, 2018) have challenged church leaders to move from a church-centric to a kingdom-centric ministry agenda.

Reggie served in local church leadership for over twenty years, including being the founding pastor of a new congregation. His past experience also includes being a denominational executive and leadership development coach. Reggie has lectured or taught as adjunct faculty for multiple seminaries. He has also resourced the United States Army Chief of Chaplains Office at the Pentagon and the Air Force Education and Training Command. Reggie’s work also extends to the business sector, including The Gallup Organization. Most recently he served for ten years as the Missional Leadership Specialist with Leadership Network, and remains connected with the organization as Senior Fellow. Reggie currently serves as City Coach for GoodCities, working with community leaders around the country to build cross-domain collaborative efforts that can move the needle on big societal issues.