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Four Enemies of Vitality for Church Leaders

Dan Rockwell says that some beasts lurk in shadows. You don’t see them coming unless you’ve learned to smell their stench or feel their presence. But your most deadly enemies smile and bleed you slowly. They walk in the open and nod when you pass.  Your enemy wants your worst, even if he’s smiling.

#1. Distrust: the enemy of relationship:  The way to defeat distrust is to build trust.

#2. Disrespect: the devaluing of others: The way to defeat disrespect is to show respect.

#3. Proper channels: the destruction of the initiative: Bureaucracy – going through proper channels – sucks the life out of organizations.

#4. Excluding the outside: the birth of complacency and arrogance: Have spontaneous cross-functional conversations.

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Todd Rhoades

Todd Rhoades is the co-founder of Todd has worked with churches for over 30 years, both as a staff member and a consultant. He was the original founder of Todd lives with his wife, Dawn in Bryan, Ohio.