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5 Ways to Attract Qualified Pastoral Candidates

Churches that need a pastor want to find highly qualified candidates as fast as possible. Having gone through this process hundreds of times with churches, we’ve found that the job description itself and the publicity of the position can go a long way to attracting the right pastors for an open ministry position. Here are a few ways that we have helped churches refine their hiring process:


Order Your Priorities for a Pastoral Position

Writing a clear job description for a new pastor can get bogged down in competing priorities and requirements for the position. When putting a job description for a new church staff position, order your priorities for the position so that you can weigh whether candidates can fulfill the critical aspects of the job.


Be Specific about the Pastoral Position

Churches that provide specific details about a position will be more likely to find qualified candidates and better matches. A job description should leave candidates excited and energized about applying because they believe they’re the best fit.


For instance, many pastors are expected to offer counseling to church members, but not all pastors have been trained in counseling or have a desire to offer that kind of specialized care. That detail should be outlined right in the job description.


Communicate the Church Culture

The church culture is hard to communicate to a candidate in a document or interview, but there are several key ways to provide some clues. For instance, are your leaders actively involved in praying together and for each other? Do you provide leadership training and volunteer resources?


The job description can highlight these aspects of the position, ensuring that qualified candidates have an active prayer life or desire deeper leadership training.


Reach Out in the Right Forums

From seminaries to job fairs, there are many forums available to reach out to candidates. Sometimes there are even personal channels you can use to contact talented individuals in order to fill a position.


Larger churches may even run the hiring process internally if they believe they have a deep enough talent pool. Whether you cast a wide net or limit your search to a few places, your ability to find the right fit may be determined in part by how widely you recruit.


Review Your Advertising Options

You can advertise on Facebook or on established online job boards in order to reach a wider pool of candidates, but that may not be the best avenue for every church. Social media ads and job boards have the potential to reach a wider pool of candidates, and sometimes you can find a great pick out of those locations. However, keep in mind that you’ll have plenty of work to do when all of the applications start coming in!


Let’s Talk about Your Hiring Strategy

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