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From hiring, to firing, to creating a healthy church staff culture, here are some great resources to help you as you lead your staff.

Craig Groeschel gives us some great advice to put into practice in our church leadership this next week.  Craig says: "As a leader, train yourself to never gripe about what you allow. Never complain about something

Tim Keller says the word 'evangelical' made become obsolete, but the philosophy and theology will remain. In a recent article featured in The New Yorker, Keller writes, "The [evangelical] movement may abandon or at least demote,

We've got to stop the bad hires. It's killing churches and staff people.The goal HAS to be healthy transitions and better, longer-term fits. Churches need to filter candidates better; and candidates need to vet and

When your staff search begins, you’ll have piles of resumes, doctrine statements, and cover letters to sort through. Some churches also pile on their own written surveys and questionnaires in the hope of uncovering more

Churches seeking pastors may be relieved to have the interview process completed with a confirmed candidate. We know the feeling! However, there remains one essential next step: onboarding a new church staff member or


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