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Virtual Strategy Lab

The Path to an Engaged Church Should Not Be Taken Alone

Some say knowledge is power. It isn’t. Knowledge/data/information is all around us, right at our fingertips. As leaders we have unprecedented access to knowledge in a variety of forms. But that unlimited access to more information doesn’t give us power; the ability to understand and make informed decisions does.

As you continue on a journey to become a more engaged church through the use of data, analytics, and actionable insights, you need a guide to help you process knowledge and information so that it can be applied across the 5 jobs for every church (Attract, Get, Keep, Grow, & Multiply). That’s why we built the Virtual Strategy Lab.

The 12-week Virtual Strategy Lab is designed to help churches like yours take a strategic leap forward in an area of critical need. This collaborative, peer-centered experience is designed to help your team:

  • Gain clarity on the problem you’re solving or the opportunity you’re leveraging.
  • Connect with other leaders and teams asking similar questions.
  • Get access to experts and models you can learn from.
  • Map out next steps to accelerate progress and multiply Kingdom impact.

Your Virtual Strategy Lab Experience

Each Virtual Strategy Lab Includes:

4 Live Online Meet-Ups
with a small cohort of other teams.

2 Sprint Updates to accelerate progress/multiply learning

Offline learning opportunities and exercises to push your team forward

Virtual Office Hours to dig into your unique challenges

Private Basecamp for ongoing communication
and collaboration

Our Next Lab Starts Soon

Space is limited in order to maximize the experience for teams involved. There are three steps to reserve your team’s spot in an upcoming Lab:


Schedule a Discovery Call with the Director


Complete the Lab Online Registration Form


Submit your tuition and gather your team!

Cost: Tuition for the 12-week experience for your team is $1250

Helping You Move from Insights to Action

The Virtual Strategy Lab provides a roadmap for your team to use your data, analytics, and actionable insights to explore new ideas that will lead to Kingdom impact. The experience is broken down into four phases:

WEEKS 1 - 3

PHASE 1 - Clarity

“A problem well-defined is half-solved.”
- Charles Kettering

The more clearly your team understands the problem you are solving and what a ‘win’ looks like, the better prepared you will be to take meaningful action.

WEEKS 4 - 6


“Winning brings advantages that make it easier to keep winning.”
- Rosabeth Kanter

A healthy strategy will also advantage of “low-hanging fruit” while also planning for
high-effort or
high-impact projects.

WEEKS 7 - 9


“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”
- Vincent Van Gough

Innovation comes through continuously thinking in short cycles. What data and insights are you gathering that will lead to breakthrough ideas?

WEEKS 10 - 12


“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”
- Peter Drucker

Leaders need a simple, yet strategic framework for shaping culture that creates an environment conducive to long- lasting, effective change.

Your Lab Facilitator



Tim Nations most recently served as the Director of Facilitation and Leadership Community Director at Leadership Network. Tim has served in full-time ministry in churches across the north Texas area for over 15 years. He brings with him broad experience in communication, organization, planning, and facilitation.