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Status Update: Current Matching Opportunities

Chemistry Staffing works with churches all over the country, helping them find great candidates for their current ministry openings. But we can’t care about helping churches find healthy, long-term fits without first and foremost caring about the candidates we are trying to place. At Chemistry Staffing, we care about you. You’re special, you’re unique, and your valuable. And we’re here to help you through the search process however we can. The information on this page will tell you more about Chemistry, the current list of churches that we’re working with, and get you started down the road of finding a great next, best fit.

CO - LONGMONT -- Worship Pastor / Calvary Church

Worship Leader/Pastor

Calvary Church in Longmont, CO is looking for a new Worship Leader/ Pastor. We’re a church of about 650 people nestled right next to the beautiful Rocky mountains.


We are seeking a Worship Pastor who will work with our Lead Pastor to develop worship services that will lead our church in dynamic, participatory worship. We’re looking for a ‘developer of teams’ who is interested in building a worship ministry that will engage our current congregation while being attractive to those currently outside of our church.


Your first six months will be focused on gaining a deep understanding of Calvary’s culture, Longmont’s culture, and beginning to identify and develop worship teams and processes that will engage our church in vibrant worship experiences.


This position will require you to recruit, develop, and unleash volunteers to lead our church in worship. You’ll need to lead worship from the stage, but an even bigger responsibility will be to develop the leaders that we have in the church to lead through their giftings. You’ll also need to make sure that members of our worship and production teams are well trained and pastored while they serve.


This is an exciting time in the life of our church, and a great opportunity for the right person that has some previous experience in team building and culture building.


Apply here:

ID - BOISE -- Director of Student Ministry / Foothills Christian Church

Director of Student Ministry

UPDATE: 4/10/18 — This Position Has Been Filled.

Foothills Christian Church In Boise, ID is looking for our next Director of Student Ministry. We’re a growing church of about 850 people that love our city, and desire is to bring our community closer to Jesus Christ.


We are very much a northwest city, meaning we have a little bit of Portland and Seattle in us with Salt Lake thrown in for good measure. Our downtown has a great vibe and offers tons to do and lots of good food. We are situated on the edge of Boise in between the cities of Eagle and Garden City. Boise is a very friendly city and we fall into a few top ten lists for best communities to live based on cost of living and value. 


We’re looking for a real leader to direct and lead our programming for Middle School and High School students. If you’re highly relational, energetic, and passionate about seeing young people grow in their faith, we’d love to hear from you. 


We are looking for a person that is that understands the value of being connected to the local church in serving and giving. You’ll need to be prepared to mentor and foster youth leaders, and build community with your team. You’ll also need a good head on your shoulders to creatively think and implement ideas to reach the next generation. We’re a big fan of Orange. 


We are currently building a new facility speci cally for our middle school program, and we’re passionate about seeing our high schoolers fully integrated into the life of the church.


To apply, go to

MI - SUNFIELD -- Family Pastor / Sunfield Church

Family Pastor

Do you really want to make a difference in the lives of our children and youth? Do you enjoy working with parents and get excited by seeing families grow in their relationship with Christ?


Sunfield church is looking for a Family Pastor/Director that is will lead our efforts to reach our community with the good news of Jesus.


We’re looking for someone that can work with our Lead Pastor on vision and implementation of our family ministry… someone that is not afraid to shoulder-tap and challenge people to serve and grow spiritually.


Sunfield is a church of about close to 150 people in the small community of Sunfield, MI, nestled between Grand Rapids and Lansing and just east of Lake Odessa and west of Grand Ledge, Michigan. The community is connected to a great school district but is close enough and far enough away from major cities to still stay connected. 


We are looking for a team builder, equipper, and coach. This role is about releasing ministry to volunteers and helping to create the pathways needed for volunteers to minister to our children and students. Our family pastor/director needs to be someone who is passionate about discipleship, feels confident in their philosophy of ministry, and has the flexibility needed to adapt that philosophy to fit the needs of our local context. We are looking for someone who is flexible, has a sense of humor, understands that ministry can be challenging, and hopefully has cool hobbies outside of the church.


To apply, go to

NV - RENO -- Student Ministries Pastor / Reno Christian Fellowship

Student Ministries Pastor

Reno Christian Fellowship is a non-denominational church of 750-800 in attendance located in the rapidly growing and changing Reno-Tahoe area.This ministry position is an opportunity to:


Live in an outdoor wonderland next door to the Sierra Nevada mountains and Lake Tahoe that is particularly conducive to student ministry activities (skiing, snowboarding, hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, water skiing, off-roading, kayaking, etc.). This position allows you to:


Profoundly and positively influence students at a critical time in their lives.


Know that you are contributing to the spiritual growth of middle and high school students at Reno Christian Fellowship.


Experience the thrill of inviting unchurched students to commit their lives to Christ. Help others develop their ministry and leadership skills.


Partner with parents in the spiritual development of their children.


Work with team-oriented staff to carry out the vision of Reno Christian Fellowship.


Apply Here:

OH - Walbridge -- Worship Pastor / Mainstreet Church

Worship Pastor

Mainstreet Church, just outside Toledo, OH is looking for their next Worship Pastor. We’re a church of about 800 people that is engaging our community to help the next generation become difference makers.


Our Worship Pastor will provide leadership for our worship ministries in order to create engaging worship services that move people to deeper relationship in their walk with God and will be responsible for recruiting, leading, shepherding and overseeing all areas of our worship and tech ministry.


We utilize the music of a variety of worship genres such as Hillsong/Hillsong United, Bethel, Vertical Church and Elevation Church.


We’re looking for a relational leader who seeks to develop his/her team for deeper spiritual life and service. A solid understanding of music and ability to play a guitar or keyboard while leading worship are a must as well as a basic knowledge of the technical skills needed for our worship services.


Apply here:

TX - CONROE -- Worship Pastor / Conroe Bible Church

Pastor of Worship

We are looking for a Worship Pastor to serve full-time with the primary responsibility of helping our congregation connect to Jesus and respond to Him in our corporate worship gatherings.


This person will serve as lead worshiper out of his own walk with Jesus, and will help our corporate gatherings point to Jesus and help us engage with Him.


This person will serve on Staff with discipleship responsibilities for the people of the worship team. They will plan worship gatherings with collaborative input from our Senior Pastor, choose songs, communicate the plan to team members, and effectively lead our worship band, vocalists, and work with the tech people in ways that are healthy and make for effective preparation and execution of corporate worship. 


The position requires both administrative and leadership capabilities in coordinating and leading the worship team.   


Expectations include corporate gatherings Sunday mornings, events throughout the year, serving as an integral team player on a staff, and bringing creative thought to the process.

TX - ROYSE CITY -- Worship Pastor / The Quest Church

Worship Arts Pastor

The Quest Church is looking for their next Worship Arts Pastor. Our current Worship Pastor is leaving for the mission field. He’s leaving big shoes to fill, but we’re confident that God is calling just the right person to help lead our growing church of nearly 700 people just outside of Dallas.


Royse City is located just twenty miles east of Dallas and ten miles east of Rockwall, TX. While our setting feels small town (with a city population of 14,000), the population of our three-country area is just over 1,000,000. We’re filled with families with young children who enjoy small town life, but many of whom work in greater Dallas.


The Quest Church is unique. We leverage music to break down barriers and capture attention. Our target audience is unchurched people. They don’t know Christian songs or listen to Christian music. Our Christian music is like speaking a foreign language to them. So we leverage songs they would hear on the radio stations they actually listen to as a way to capture their attention and draw them into the conversation.


Our teaching style is conversational and practical. We acknowledge that unbelievers are in the room and attempt to draw them into the conversation by talking about things that believers and unbelievers are interested in.


The role of Worship Arts Pastor will include overseeing sound, media, video streaming and video production.


We’re looking for someone that is loyal, honest, hard-working, faithful, trustworthy, fun-loving, and thick-skinned (not easily offended)… a real team player. Our staff is like an elite military unit. We stand together, fight battles together, fight for each other, have each other’s backs, play together, laugh together and cry together. We strive to be good soldiers who are willing and able to endure hardship for our King. We hold each other up and help each other up. You’ll need to have the ability to learn, grow, and adapt with a growing, developing, expanding church and ministry.


Our perfect candidate probably has at least three years of full-time experience on a paid church staff, strong vocal skills, proficiency in playing keyboard and/or guitar with the ability to lead while playing. Some multimedia and video experience required. You’ll also need to have a good knowledge of music theory and the ability to transpose and arrange music. Your ability to develop and equip other musicians is critical.


Apply here:

Frequently Asked Questions...

We want to do the very best we can to communicate with you during your search.  This page will allow you to see all of the current job openings that we are working on as well as the current status of each opening. You can check this page often as it is the definitive place that we update our work. We share regular updates here on each position rather than sending an email notification. Below are some additional questions and answers that we receive from candidates often.

Why do you ask yes/no questions on the assessments?

If we ask on a Likert scale (1 to 10)… all we get is 4s, 5s, and 6s.  Everyone gravitates toward the middle. We ask churches the exact same questions.  Same yes/no. We ask yes/no questions to get gut reactions and it really does work to get a quick, initial synopsis of what kind of church you would be good in.  We’re trying to find an initial 30,000-foot level fit in four areas: theology, ministry philosophy, personality, and skills/abilities. So… as much as you may hate answering yes or no, they really do work for us and may very well help us find you someplace that might be a great future fit.

I'm confused. What jobs am I being considered for?

The great thing about our approach is that once you’ve filled out your profile and the assessments, you are automatically considered for all the open positions and churches that we are currently working with (or will be working with in the future).  This is good news because it means that we will constantly be attempting to match your profile and assessments with an opening and church that would be a great potential match for you. Of course, we attempt to match according to your position category, your denomination, your relocation preference, plus your overall profile, resume and assessment answers.

I applied for a job and have heard NOTHING from you!

Working with a staffing company like Chemistry Staffing is a little different than working with a specific church.  When you add your profile to our system (even if it was for a particular position), we try to match you with not just the individual church you applied to, but also other churches that we may be working with.  While you may be interested in a particular church, it could be that your assessment and profile did not match what the church was looking for. If and when we find a potential match for you, we will reach out to you to have a personal one-on-one initial interview.

But I'm not really looking right now...

We’re constantly signing on new churches and positions. In fact, many of our candidates are actually ‘passively’ searching, meaning they fill out a profile so that we can be watching for potential great fits in the future. That might be next week or next year. We encourage you to keep your profile active in our database. We’ll only contact you when/if we find a church that would be a great potential healthy fit for YOU.

Who do you share my information with?

The short answer is… no one… unless we first ask your permission.  We don’t post your information anywhere. We don’t sell your data. We simply keep it in our internal database until we find what we think might be a good match for you.  And when we do, we first reach out to you to have an actual conversation, talk about the church and position, and gauge your interest BEFORE we ever submit your name or resume to a church.

Why haven't you found me a job yet?

We work with a few churches at a time and we reach out to you when we think we find a church that matches your theology, personality, philosophy of ministry, and skills and abilities based on your assessments, profile and resume.  Sometimes that can take a little time. That’s the power of having your information in our database for the long-term. We don’t guarantee to find anyone a job. Our role is to try to match you up with one of the churches that we’re working with. But we’re just a small piece of the puzzle.  If you are actively searching for a new ministry position, don’t ever put all your eggs in one basket. We’ll be in contact when we find something we think will be a great fit for you. In the meantime, we encourage you to take responsibility for your personal job search. You can always find a great number of positions that are new each day at websites like

You mention that you try to match for long-term fit. What does that look like?

We fully agree with Dr. Thom Rainer when he says that few pastors make it to the ‘fruitful’ years of ministry… around the five-year mark. This happens many times because they were never a good match, to begin with, or because the church and the pastor don’t have a good, healthy ministry plan to work on the same page. Our approach is to strategically work with local church leaders to find a healthy, long-term staff fit that will actually move the dial when it comes to effective local ministry. (That means that we’d like to see you stay at your next church for AT LEAST five years).

Does Chemistry Staffing have any open positions?

We don’t have any full-time positions that are open.  We are always looking for individuals that have their own personal network that they can work with to provide referrals.  If that’s something you’d like to discuss, let me know and I can get you some additional information on that.